This program is built specifically for a fun, healthy and efficient in school program for primary school students. The Australian Soccer School, runs a modified football program for primary students on school campus, allowing students to interact with their own classmates, in a safe, healthy and developmental environment. Through learning the fundamental aspects of football, our unique and specifically tailored program, allows students to achieve syllabus outcomes and indicators from the Department of Education Curriculum.

Our football program, allows students, across all skill levels, to develop motor skills, coordination, fitness, sportsmanship and socialisation in a structured physical environment, where health and fitness is the main goal. The skills learnt, will be applied individually and in game based situations, where students will learn to play in a team environment.

Overall, our aim to is allow students to develop fundamental physical skills, which they can confidently take outside of their school environment and apply them in sports programs, community sport, recreational programs and for leisure.

Our Primary Stage 1, 2 & 3 unit outlines are specifically tailored for a 10 week term by term in school