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Welcome Players and Parents,

The Australian Soccer School is a Selective Academy focusing on developing players to the best of their ability and promoting them to player Agents, Clubs and National Team Squads. We invite you to join and become part of the Australian Soccer School Family.

The Australian Soccer School promises not only the complete package of professional football training, but also incorporates many off the Pitch habits and pre requisites for a professional footballers lifestyle.
The Ages groups. The Australian Soccer School gives the opportunity for children as young as 3 years the benefit by beginning their soccer journey in a professional environment. The Australian Soccer School family encourages younger players’ to interact and socially connect with a team.

Why the Australian Soccer School? The Australian Soccer School has opened doors for many young and mature players, to goal plan for their future. Football players are now for the first time in the best hands, with not only well-known, experienced coaches but also with an Australian Soccer Management division with strong ties to Clubs in the NSW State League, A-league, and Overseas in Europe, Asia and The Gulf.

The Coaches and Directors. The Australian Soccer School is run by some of Australia’s best professional footballers and Coaches. The Director Aman Hadid is also one of New South Wales most well-known footballers. He has grown up to play and represent football in over 10 countries, has State team experience, trained with Olympic Teams and represented World Cup Qualifying Squads. Aman was also part of Gold Coast United First Team in the Hyundai A- League. Aman has shown great loyalty to the sport and looks forward to bringing back quality expertise to the children, youth and players of the game.

“Your ability can only take you where your character can hold you.” The journey wont be easy but at The Australian Soccer School our players will be happy where they are on the way to where they want to be.
We warmly welcome, all those willing to join the family of the Australian Soccer School. We look forward to working with you.

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Australian Soccer School has been a loyal partner to Ultra Football for over 5 years, bringing the best quality Nike gear to our Players, Parents & Coaches.

We provide full time training kits, part time training kits and casual training kits for our players throughout the year. Gear can be ordered in sets or individually. Gear is compulsory at our training sessions. ALL players must be in gear while attending training at the Academy.

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