The Australian Soccer School is a team of licensed coaches, retired players, managers and existing players experienced in identifying and placing talent. We at Australian Soccer School recognise the altering stress, delegation and obligations placed on players, coaches and clubs and strive to help young talent, make it to the top. We pride ourselves on providing talented football professionals with moral advice and guidance in order to help them fulfil their potential.

The Australian Soccer School works closely with many agencies, including AH Football Consulting, who provide players the opportunity to trial overseas on the condition they are good enough. Coaches at Australian Soccer School are always scouting talented players within the Academy to provide them an opportunity of a life time to trial in Europe, the Middle East and the gulf. We are dedicated to providing an absolute support system and prioritising our footballers’ long-term career. Australian Soccer School provides players with the following in affiliation with management agencies:

  • Career planning
  • Personal development systems
  • Contract negotiation
  • Financial planning
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Physical conditioning
  • Sports psychology
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Post-career transition assistance.

Should the player be good enough, Australian Soccer School outsources management and personal representation services from several agencies, such as AHFC. Our partnering management agencies currently represent the interests of players from across the NSW Premier League, Hyundai Youth League, A – League, European football leagues and the Gulf leagues including the UAE. Our agencies dedicated team of football agents are all licensed to carry out domestic and international transfers and have a wealth of experience dealing with top-flight professional footballers and clubs.

The people we choose at Australian Soccer School are all the right kind of people, having played the game or coached the game at a high level. Each current scout at Australian Soccer School works closely with AHFC and other agencies, with the combined aim to prepare and build our stars of today and tomorrow.

The Australian Soccer School has shown many cases of success, through developing, transitioning and signing footballers to professional leagues.

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